• Evgeniy Anatolyevich Kozhukhov Siberian Federal University
  • Eduard Arkadyevich Petrovsky Siberian Federal University
  • Kirill Aleksandrovich Bashmur Siberian Federal University
Keywords: adaptive damper, axial vibration damping, damping material, magnetic force, pinning, remagnetization, bearing, magnetization pattern, stability, elastic force


The paper deals with the problem of imbalance of a working element of high-speed technological devices, in particular, centrifugal units. The current trend in the development of technological devices is productivity improvement. The increase in the number of operating characteristics of the devices can be achieved through various ways: from the development of new types of devices and modernization of the existing ones to the improvement of frequency characteristics. Therefore, the issue of damping, which improves the reliability of technological machines, becomes more relevant in current technology. The study identified the most dangerous types of vibrations leading to the considerable damage of a working wheel. Based on the analysis of various axial vibrations influence on a working wheel, the authors proposed the way to eliminate vibrations using an adaptive damper. Axial vibration dampers working on permanent magnets have the following technical advantages over the mechanical dampers: relative high lifting capacity, high rotational speeds at high temperatures, no need for working fluid supply, etc. Magnetic dampers can operate at super high frequencies (more than 9000 r/min), therefore, it is necessary to study their work in the conditions close to limiting ones. The design adaptability is in the application of rubber-metal material, due to which the elastic force arises. The authors consider an integrated approach to damping: the force of magnetic interaction acts together with the elastic force. The aim of the paper is to determine the interrelations of key power characteristics. One of the necessary criteria of any system is its stability, which is evaluated in the paper using L.M. Lyapunov’s criterion. The paper presents the main results in the form of mathematical dependencies of a theoretical model.

Author Biographies

Evgeniy Anatolyevich Kozhukhov, Siberian Federal University

postgraduate student of Chair “Technological Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Complex” of Oil and Gas Institute

Eduard Arkadyevich Petrovsky, Siberian Federal University

Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), professor of Chair “Technological Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Complex” of Oil and Gas Institute

Kirill Aleksandrovich Bashmur, Siberian Federal University

senior lecturer of Chair “Technological Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Complex” of Oil and Gas Institute


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