• Aleksandr Ivanovich Kovtunov Togliatti State University
  • Aleksandr Gennadievich Bochkarev Togliatti State University
  • Denis Ivanovich Plakhotny Togliatti State University
  • Anton Andreevich Gushchin LLC “Srednevolzhsky Certification and Test Center “Delta”
Keywords: argon-arc surfacing, intermetallide alloys, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, titanium aluminides, alloying, nickel


The development and adoption of new titanium-based structural materials combining high heat resistance and low density are a very important task of modern materials science. The existing materials based on the intermetallide alloys of the Ti-Al system have low ductility at room temperatures, which complicates their practical application. One of the ways to increase the plasticity of titanium aluminides is the alloying of an intermetallide alloy. The use of components soluble in titanium aluminides which are in close proximity to aluminum and titanium in the D.I. Mendeleev’s periodic table will allow increasing the ductility of a Ti-Al-based intermetallide alloy.

This paper presents the results of the study of the processes of the argon-arc surfacing of alloys of the Ti-Al system alloyed with nickel using aluminum and nickel filler wires. The authors found out the relationship between the deposition modes and the chemical composition of the deposited metal, as well as determined the effect of nickel on the hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and crack resistance of the deposited alloys of the Ti-Al system.

The studies showed that alloying with nickel in the amount of 4.5–11.7 % (by weight) with the aluminum content of 10.4–34 % (by weight) increased the hardness and wear resistance of metal deposit. The alloying with nickel within the specified limits with the aluminum content of up to 33 % does not increase the heat resistance of the deposited alloys in comparison with the non-alloyed intermetallide Ti-Al-based alloy. When alloying the deposited alloys with the aluminum content of more than 33 % with nickel the heat resistance of the metal deposit increases.

The alloying with nickel increases the probability of crack formation in the deposited alloys of the Ti-Al system, which is associated with the formation of the Ti2Ni fragile phase inclusions in the metal structure.

Author Biographies

Aleksandr Ivanovich Kovtunov, Togliatti State University

Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Associate Professor, professor of Chair “Welding, pressure treatment of materials and allied processes”

Aleksandr Gennadievich Bochkarev, Togliatti State University

postgraduate student of Chair “Welding, pressure treatment of materials and allied processes”

Denis Ivanovich Plakhotny, Togliatti State University

senior lecturer of Chair “Welding, pressure treatment of materials and allied processes”

Anton Andreevich Gushchin, LLC “Srednevolzhsky Certification and Test Center “Delta”



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