• Yuliya V. Sarycheva Novosibirsk State Medical University
  • Irina A. Kurus Novosibirsk State Medical University
  • Irina V. Ponomarenko Novosibirsk State Medical University
  • Kseniya V. Khafizova City clinical hospital No. 2


identity crisis, crisis identity, time perspective, orientation of time perspective, adolescence, life-purpose orientations


Time perspective is one of the factors that allow ensuring psychological resilience and stability for an individual. The adequacy of perception of time perspective is the key aspect to experience a crisis. For adolescence, it is relevant to experience a crisis related to identity transformation. Most frequently, the emotional sphere and behavior of a person reflect the crisis manifestations. The paper presents the analysis of the parameters of time perspective depending on the crisis intensity in these areas.

The study involved 64 students from Novosibirsk. Of these, 27 (42.2 %) are the fifth-year students, 37 (57.8 %) are the first-year students; 11 (17.2 %) are males and 53 (82.8 %) are females. Students aged 18 to 25 participated in the study. The obtained data show that typically, the first-year students manifest the attributes of identity crisis as compared to the fifth-year students. Herewith, the first-year students manifest the identity crisis in the emotional and behavioral spheres. First-year students who have the attributes of an identity crisis in the emotional and behavioral spheres are characterized by the negative attitude towards the past and the decrease in the markers of life-purpose orientations. Greater focus on the future and the existence of life-purpose orientations are typical of the examinees that do not have crisis identity. Therefore, the first-year students are characterized by the under-balance of time perspective and the lack of distinct life-purpose orientations, i.e. the understanding of the goals and objectives, which are set before them in the immediate future. The authors draw attention that the obtained data indicate the necessity to carry out the preventive measures through the work of centers of psychosocial assistance to the students.

Author Biographies

Yuliya V. Sarycheva, Novosibirsk State Medical University

assistant professor of Chair of Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Irina A. Kurus, Novosibirsk State Medical University

senior teacher of Chair of Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Irina V. Ponomarenko, Novosibirsk State Medical University

senior teacher of Chair of Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

Kseniya V. Khafizova, City clinical hospital No. 2

medical psychologist


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