• Irina V. Sukhorukova Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
  • Galina I. Bobrik Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


Financial Investment course, finance, investments, securities portfolio, risks, profitability matrix


The effective functioning of the economy is impossible without attracting investments. At the moment of the crisis of the entire world economy, solving this problem is one of the most urgent tasks. The study aims at the development of an algorithm for training students of the Financial Investments program in theoretical skills of investment activity and investment mechanisms using methods of mathematical and computer modeling. The authors developed the basic methods and principles for making professional decisions about investing or refusing investment based on knowledge of the state of the economy. The paper discusses the problems and prospects of the best course capture through the understanding of the economic and financial nature and content of various types of investments in the presence of risks in the face of uncertainty. This discipline has both a theoretical and an applied component and allows applying the acquired knowledge when assessing the value of financial and operational assets. The authors considered the problems of teaching theoretical skills of investment activity and investment mechanisms using methods of mathematical and computer modeling. Students in this program should have basic knowledge and understanding in the sphere of micro- and macroeconomics. The program of the developed Financial Investment course will allow students to further acquire knowledge about methods for assessing the effectiveness of investments in financial and physical operational assets; it contributes to the optimal formation and management of the investment portfolio and increases knowledge about the principles of financing the investment projects and investing in fixed assets. The authors based their material on real-world examples and situations.

Author Biographies

Irina V. Sukhorukova, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor of Chair of Higher Mathematics

Galina I. Bobrik, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


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