• Natalia A. Gridneva Samara State Technical University


professional ethics, humanization of education, foreign-language sociocultural competence, dialogue of cultures


The paper studies the problem of professional ethics formation when teaching foreign languages and particularly the feasibility of updating the potential of created poly-cultural space for the more effective solution to this task. The relevance of the study is caused by the necessity of ethization of various professional spheres intended to ensure their focus on the satisfaction of interests and demands of the society, as well as by the necessity to study the feasibility of humanitarian potential of certain disciplines, in particular, foreign language for the successful introduction of students to the professional ethics. The proposed approach to the formation of professional ethics when teaching foreign languages presupposes the educational process arrangement based on the idea of a dialogue of cultures through the inclusion of values and principles of professional ethics in the actual socio-cultural context of a target-language country. This can be reached through the positioning of professional ethics as a valuable basis of the professional culture of the foreign professional community, as well as through considering it in the context of the nationwide sociocultural experience of a target-language country. Consequently, the suggested approach is more in keeping with the logic of modern methods of teaching foreign languages than the traditional ones, which deal with professional ethics values as with something world-wide or “devoid of any ethnicity”. It sees the possibility of qualitative language acquisition in the learning language in the continuity with the culture of the target-language country. The author explains the efficiency of the developed approach from the perspective of solving specific tasks of the Foreign Language discipline and from the perspective of solving the problem of professional ethics formation.

Author Biography

Natalia A. Gridneva, Samara State Technical University

PhD (Philology), Associate Professor, assistant professor of Chair of Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication and Russian as Foreign Language


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