• Olga Dybina Togliatti State University
Keywords: children of senior preschool age, introduction of 6–7-year-old children in to the world of professions, early career guidance


The paper introduces the ways of using information technologies for the early career guidance of preschoolers. The issue chosen for the study is directly related to the problem of the career guidance of a young person, which implies providing an opportunity for a preschooler to try themselves at various jobs through the game. However, the issue of introducing children into the career guidance system has not been scientifically and methodologically justified so far. This leads to the fact that employees of preschool educational organizations experience difficulties in determining the basic categories, choosing forms, methods, and techniques, establishing the specifics of the early career guidance of preschoolers. On the level of preschool education, the system of getting children familiar with the jobs and professions is not sufficiently represented.

The paper introduces an approach to implement the idea of early career guidance through the development of the emotional attitude to the world of professions, to a working person, their business and personal qualities. Step-by-step implementation of the information technology that ensures the gradual introduction of older preschoolers to the world of careers (motivational, informational and transformative stages) is of special interest. It is shown that at each stage, the position of the teacher changes in relation to preschool children: from organizing to directing, correcting and supporting.

Special attention is paid to the organization of the joint activities of a child and an adult, independent activity of a preschooler with the application of information technologies during which children are able to model elements of a specific type of a job.

Author Biography

Olga Dybina, Togliatti State University

Doctor of Sciences (Education), Professor, Head of Chair “Preschool pedagogy, applied psychology”


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