• Irina Vladimirovna Kostakova Togliatti State University
  • Tatyana Anatolyevna Bergis Togliatti State University
Keywords: personal self-fulfillment, harmonious personal self-fulfillment of students, spiritual and moral determinants of self-fulfillment


The social-economic and cultural development of Russia is directly related to the human factor and the readiness of youth for self-fulfillment in various types of activity. On the one hand, globalization of socio-cultural processes promotes the growth of possibilities for self-fulfillment of young people; on the other hand, it brings the uncertainty and instability in the system of moral values and norms. The professional and personal self-fulfillment of young students not always base on the spiritual and moral orientations and personal qualities that can lead to negative effects. 

The authors carried out the empirical study of personal self-fulfillment of young students (age 19–22) in the period of studying at the university and detected the peculiarities of self-fulfillment of the students. The empirical study determined the interrelations between the system of moral-spiritual components and the harmonious level of manifestation of personal self-fulfillment of young students. Among the predominant factors of self-fulfillment of young students, the authors identified the components of creativity, internality, optimism, meaningfulness of the goals and values of self-fulfillment, egocentric orientation, and constructiveness.

The authors determined that personal self-fulfillment of the majority of the students in the sample corresponded to the adaptive and inert level of development. It is empirically identified that the harmonious self-fulfillment of students is positively interrelated with the motives of social significance and the usefulness of own activity, interpersonal moral orientations of goodwill, nobility and mercy, compassion and help; worldview spiritual-moral representations of mental potential of a man, moral potential, self-development of a certain man and the common humanity evolution; spiritual-moral and spiritual-volitional qualities: empathy, charity, responsibility, self-belief, and self-criticism in moral self-assessment of own behavior.        

Author Biographies

Irina Vladimirovna Kostakova, Togliatti State University

PhD (Psychology), assistant professor of Chair “Preschool Pedagogy, Applied Psychology”

Tatyana Anatolyevna Bergis, Togliatti State University

PhD (Psychology), assistant professor of Chair “Preschool Pedagogy, Applied Psychology”


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Psychological Sciences