• Marina Nikolaevna Darizhapova Buryat State University
  • Dolgor Radnanimaevna Bazarova Buryat State University
Keywords: self-attitude, self-attitude of government officials, axiological relations, personal-typological, social-psychological and professional-career characteristics, positive and negative modalities of self-perception


The paper presents the results and the analysis of the empirical study aimed at identifying the relations of self-attitude and personal-typological, social-psychological, and professional-career characteristics of government officials. Two hundred four government officials living in Ulan-Ude, the Buryat Republic, at the ages from 21 to 57 participated in this study. When carrying out the statistical analysis of data, the authors determined the dependence of the results of the study on the following indices: job position, gender, age, special basic education, and approval motivation.

The study of the interrelation of self-attitude and psychological characteristics of government officials revealed the difference in the indices of self-attitude of the respondents of different employment periods, ages and genders. The results of the analysis indicated that the age and gender mediated the interrelations between self-attitude and job positions of government officials. The analysis of interrelation between self-attitude of government officials and their job position showed that specialists involved in the sphere of government service had more developed axiological relations than the managers of the same sphere had.

The analysis of interrelation of self-attitude of government officials with their special basic education showed that the government officials with basic pedagogical education had the most troubled, disharmonic self-attitude in this sample group, and the government officials with basic legal education demonstrated the most positive self-attitude.

The analysis of interrelation of self-attitude with the approval motivation of government officials showed that with the increase of the need in social approval it was possible to percept the individual self as the internal ramrod providing personal integrity or to manifest the tendency to closedness and the lack of desire to change.      

Author Biographies

Marina Nikolaevna Darizhapova, Buryat State University

PhD (Psychology), assistant professor of Chair of General and Social Psychology, Head of Laboratory of Innovative Technologies in Childhood Protection

Dolgor Radnanimaevna Bazarova, Buryat State University

PhD (Psychology), assistant professor of Chair of General and Social Psychology


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Psychological Sciences