• Galina Aleksandrovna Vinogradova Togliatti State University
  • Sergey Mikhailovich Kharitonov Togliatti State University
Keywords: teacher, motivation and need sphere of a personality, professional motivation, syndrome of emotional burnout of a personality


At the present stage of development of the society, the education system is actively modernized what, in its turn, places new demands on teachers such as the competence in the field of knowledge, pedagogical skill, as well as the personal interest and professional motivation, maximal involvement in the educational process and self-fulfillment in new conditions of professional activity. The relevance of the study of the interrelation of professional motivation and the emotional burnout syndrome of teachers is caused by the high social importance of their professional activity.

The paper makes an attempt to search for the psychological conditions to prevent the emergence of the emotional burnout syndrome of teachers. Based on the results of the correlation analysis, the authors suggest considering the professional motivation of a personality as such a condition.

82 teachers from comprehensive schools of the city district of Togliatti at the age of from 24 to 65 participated in the research. The sex ratio in the sample group is expressed by 62 women and 20 men.

The obtained data confirm the existence of the reliable direct and inverse interrelations between the expressiveness of such phenomena as the emotional burnout syndrome and the motivation and need sphere in the teachers’ professional activity. Thus, the set of a teacher’s personality for egoism and money contributes to the formation and development of the emotional burnout syndrome, its phases, and symptoms. The external motivation of the choice and, in the subsequent, its implementation in the pedagogical activity promotes the formation of the symptoms of the emotional burnout of a teacher. The higher the teacher’s achievement motivation, the less the symptoms of the emotional burnout are formed.

Author Biographies

Galina Aleksandrovna Vinogradova, Togliatti State University

Doctor of Sciences (Psychology), professor of Chair “Preschool Pedagogy, Applied Psychology”

Sergey Mikhailovich Kharitonov, Togliatti State University

graduate student of Chair “Preschool Pedagogy, Applied Psychology”


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