• Ramzaeva Ekaterina Petrovna Samara University of State Management “International Market Institute”


stock market, commercial bank, PJSC “Sberbank”, stock market professional participants, investment activity, investment portfolio


The activity of commercial banks in the stock market is one of the most promising areas for the development of the banking sector. The return on investments in the investment portfolio and on the provision of intermediary services in the stock market forms a significant part of the bank profit, which determines the importance of the research. The object of the study is PJSC “Sberbank”, one of the systemically important commercial banks whose assets comprise more than 30% of the assets of the entire Russian banking system. The paper presents the conclusions based on the analysis of the activity of “Sberbank” in two forms of participation in the stock market – as an investor and as a professional participant. Particular attention is paid to the broker activity of the bank in the stock market. The study has revealed that PJSC “Sberbank”, as an investor, prefers less profitable financial instruments with low risks, such as sub-federal and corporate bonds, which helps maintain bank liquidity. As a professional participant in the stock market, PJSC “Sberbank” holds a leading position in the number of clients in the sector of brokerage services. Based on the results of the study, the following main problems of the bank in the stock market are specified: low investment activity of the bank and the disloyal policy of brokerage services for its active customers. To improve the activity, it is recommended to develop IT-technologies through the creation of unique software products.

Author Biography

Ramzaeva Ekaterina Petrovna, Samara University of State Management “International Market Institute”

PhD (Economics), assistant professor of Chair of Economics and Land Registry


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