• Oleg Kholodov Rostov State University of Economics; All-Russia Research Institute of Economics and Standards
Keywords: agriculture, technical support, updating of agricultural machinery, regression analysis, Rostov region


Innovative development of the agro-industrial complex requires technical modernization of the industry. That is why the issues of updating the machine and tractor fleet, increasing the level of mechanization of agro-industrial production are important. The paper analyzes the structure of machinery in the agricultural sector of Russia and the frequency of its renewal over the past 27 years. The conducted research has revealed the negative dynamics of technical support of the agricultural economy. The subject of the study is the process of technical modernization of the industry and the factors influencing it. The author is using economic and mathematical methods, in particular, regression modeling, as the tools of the problem analysis.

The main research is carried out on the example of the Rostov region as one of the leaders of agricultural production in Russia characterized by a high level of renewal of machine and tractor fleet in the rural economy. The results of economic and statistical analysis have identified the factors affecting the level of acquisition of technical equipment in the agricultural sector. The main factors influencing the purchase of agricultural machinery are the following: indexation of the price of agricultural machinery, profitability of production, the price per a ton of wheat, the size of state support for equipment (all levels), net profit per 100 hectares of arable land, ruble exchange rate against dollar, and the yield of grain crops. As a result of the regression analysis, the authors have developed an economic and mathematical model that determines the degree of influence of each factor on the process of technical renewal of agricultural equipment in the Rostov Region. Evaluation of the reliability quality of the obtained model demonstrates a significant relationship between the volume of agricultural machinery acquisition and the yield of grain crops. Using the tools of economic and mathematical modeling, the author proves that state support does not affect the modernization of the industry.

Author Biography

Oleg Kholodov , Rostov State University of Economics; All-Russia Research Institute of Economics and Standards

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, leading researcher


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Economical Sciences