• Irina Nikolaevna Shvetsova
  • Tatyana Anatolyevna Naydenova
Keywords: consolidated budget, tax revenue, inter-budgetary transfers, inter-budgetary relations, Northern macro-region


The transition of Russia to the spatial development requires an integrated approach to the use of space, the implementation of the specifics of various territorial structures and the provision of opportunities for the development of territories through their own financial resources. In solving this task, the system of inter-budgetary relations aimed at the creation of equal financial conditions for all public legal entities when exercising their powers plays a significant role. The issues of inter-budgetary relations are most acute in the Northern macro-region and acquire a system-forming role due to the northern specifics and limited financial resources.

Based on the assessment of the state of inter-budgetary relations of federal center and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation being the members of Northern macro-region, the authors show that the existing system of interrelations is characterized by the objectively conditioned high level of financial resources centralization, the excess of tax revenue transferred to the federal budget over the volume of revenue of consolidated budgets in separate constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and significant volume of inter-budgetary transfers in the revenues of regional budgets. This discords with the principle of independence of territorial budgets declared by the RF Budgetary code. The ignoring of this principle determines the decrease in stability of budgets due to the decrease in the incentives of regional government authorities for the expansion of real sector of the economy, limits local initiative, causes local dependence. The authors offered, when developing the actions on the enhancement of the system of inter-budgetary relations, to base oneself on the hypothesis that all citizens of the state should get government services of equal quality and in equal size. The main criterion to distribute budgetary revenues between the budgetary system levels should be the sufficiency of budgetary revenues to satisfy the need in public goods and services. The authors concluded on the expediency of a targeted approach to the formation of the system of inter-budgetary relations between the federal center and the Northern macro-region taking into account the northern specificity.

Economical Sciences