• Oleg Andreevich Kholodov
  • Marina Aleksandrovna Kholodova
Keywords: Keywords: the model of assessment of the agrarian production economic growth; productive-economic parameters; economic growth factors and conditions; quantity, quality and reproduction dynamics of agriculture; economic management mechanism.


Abstract: The paper presents the model for assessing the production and economic growth of the agro-industrial complex of Rostov region, the use of which allowed determining the main approaches to the management of the economic dynamics of the agro-industrial sector of the region in the context of the food embargo implementation. The model is based on the analysis of the system of indicators divided by the group factor. This approach allows identifying not only the growth points of the industry but also the factors affecting its process and the existing reserve. In particular, the first group of indicators characterizes the vectorial production and economic growth of the agroindustrial complex and is formed taking into account the specifics of agricultural production in the region. The second group reflects the dynamics of factors characterizing the type of economic growth in agriculture. The third group of indicators contains the most important productive-economic characteristics of the industry. It is possible to observe the internal contradictions in the development of the agroindustrial complex only by applying the system of relative indicators. The fourth group demonstrates the effective parameters of the economic dynamics of the agrarian sector of the region and reveals its potential.The paper studies the development of trends in agricultural production in the Rostov region and determines the ratio of the quantity and quality dynamics of the regional agroindustrial complex. The authors identified the positive growth vector for the main productive-economic parameters of the agriculture development in the Don Region. It is substantiated that the identified potential of the agrarian sector is able to ensure the process of the expanded reproduction in the industry. The paper gives the analysis of the export potential of the Rostov region both in terms of export facilities and export infrastructure, what is a backup point for the growth of the regional agroindustrial complex. Special attention is paid to the financial support of the state, due to which the effective mechanisms and effective instruments to use the allocated budget funds have been found. 

Economical Sciences