• Olga Valentinovna Korneyko
  • Vladislav Valerievich Vrublevsky
  • Daria Olegovna Grubenkova
  • Denis Sergeevich Moskovchuk
  • Nikita Aleksandrovich Sergeev
Keywords: Keywords: territory marketing; identity; image; brand; Vladivostok; marketing strategy.


Abstract: The relevance of the study is determined by the necessity to expand the scale of studying the problems of the identity, brand and image of the territory, the importance of improving the competitiveness and the efficiency of the development of regions, cities and the country as a whole, as well as ин the insufficient scientific elaboration of the problems of forming and promoting a positive image of regions. The paper presents the evolution of marketing concepts and the place of territory marketing in it. It has been established that the “identity”, “image”, and “brand” categories are used in the specialized vocabulary of the scientific community without a uniform approach to their interpretation, whereby the main definitions of territory marketing have been clarified in the paper. The paper presents the results of a marketing study that allows identifying, ranking and systematizing the most successful and unsuccessful components of Vladivostok identity. In particular, the regional nature and its geographical location have got the highest grades from the respondents, the activity of young people in all spheres have got the average grade, and the regional authorities and road condition have got the lowest grades. The results of systematization of the urban environment factors show that, today, the image of Vladivostok is influenced by more negative factors (power, corruption, poor social support, poor development dynamics, undeveloped urban transport, poor road conditions, poor urban ecology, Soviet building system) than by positive ones (the presence of image-building events (Tiger Day, City Day, drifting competitions, etc.; good geographical location, availability of resources, the beauty of nature, the proximity and special relations with Asia). The authors proposed the technique of formation and implementation of the marketing strategy of Vladivostok.


Economical Sciences