• Ivan Andreevich Ivannikov Sochi Institute (branch) of RUDN University
Keywords: public authority, legislative power, constitutional law, legal responsibility


Fair responsibility of public authorities is an attribute of any democratic state and is constantly the subject of scientific discussions. The paper considers the issue of improving the institute of responsibility for particular subjects of public authority in Russia. The purpose of the paper is the study of the implementation of the principle of justice when bringing the subjects of public authority, primarily legislative, to legal responsibility. The paper states that, in the context of corruption and the crisis of actual democracy, the deficiency of social equity arises, and the state legislative authorities do not enshrine the ideas of fairness in the laws. The author believes that with the shortage of fair laws, arbitrariness increases, moral responsibility is minimized and legal responsibility is deformed, and the laws are adopted, which do not reflect the interests of the vast majority of the population of the Russian Federation, and only pursue the narrow group interests of oligarchs and subjects of legislative initiative, the authorities themselves. To the author’s opinion, the low responsibility of state authorities to society, the absence of the institute of recall of deputies, which existed in the USSR laws, contributes to the growth of corruption. The analysis of Russian legislation makes it possible to conclude that it is necessary to improve the norms of the institute of legal responsibility of public authorities. The author proposes to strengthen the responsibility of deputies of legislative authorities, primarily those who act as the subjects of legislative initiative. The author concludes that the establishment of legal responsibility for the subjects of the legislative initiative for the adoption of laws defective and harmful for the society and the state can lead to the minimization of corruption.

Author Biography

Ivan Andreevich Ivannikov , Sochi Institute (branch) of RUDN University

Doctor of Sciences (Law), Doctor of Sciences (Political Sciences), Professor, Acting Dean of the Law Faculty.

Legal Sciences