• Muhammed Akbarov Baku Grave Offense Court
Keywords: Azerbaijan, state security, “soft power”, national security, external policy, “soft power” means


In the XXI century, the role of soft power tools in the provision of more effective national security rises steadily. The USA and Russia pretend to implement their geopolitical interests using information, economy, law, ideology, culture, and education. Such an approach is a “softer” element than the military force. The achievements of the USA, Russia, and the PRC in this direction are indisputable. Using soft power, one can achieve set goals with fewer expenditures and manpower losses.

The goal of this study is the determination of the main content of the concept of soft power in the contemporary science and the identification of main directions of its use for the provision of state security of Azerbaijan Republic. The author used the method of the analysis of facts and the process of political development of the South Caucasus region and global legal order based on the contemporary views of the role of soft power in the political relationship. The essence of this conceptual approach is in the complex treatment of checks and balances in global order for the security provision of Azerbaijan.

Each country aspires to use the totality of state, social institutes (organizations), political, legal, economic norms and information to influence internal and external relations, to strengthen its national (domestic political as well as military) security. Since the early years of independence, Azerbaijan proficiently used oil factors having formed a favorable investment environment for foreign oil companies. Thus, the country has expanded the possibilities of comprehensive integration of the state into the international community, formed an atmosphere of trust and cooperation in the region. Every year, the possibilities of soft power application increase, which is proved by the practice of global development. Azerbaijan should consider this fact in its regional policy and the interrelation with the global community.

Author Biography

Muhammed Akbarov , Baku Grave Offense Court

PhD (Philosophy), judge

Legal Sciences