• Elena Aleksandrovna Tarapanova
  • Leonid Yakovlevich Dobkach


information security, information security of a person, cybercrime, computer crime, fishing


Such global processes as integration and unification of information relations influence the effective development of our country. The formation and development of information society must be accompanied by the appropriate improvement of the system of state guarantees of constitutional rights of a person and a citizen in the information sphere.

One of the measures necessary to ensure the execution of these rights is the creation and maintenance of the necessary level of information security of a person. The adoption of a new Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation puts the interests of a person at the head of legal regulation in this sphere; however, the institute of personal information security still lacks the sufficient regulation in the current legislation. The paper deals with the problems of legal support of the information security of a person in the conditions of the global information society.

In particular, the authors analyzed the state of modern cybercrimes in Russia. They note that the aim of the great majority of such crimes is the entrenchment on the property right. The authors considered the main problems of classification of fraud in the cyber realm. Currently, in litigation practice, the fraud in the sphere of the cyber realm is considered as a form of kidnapping. Moreover, the authors analyzed the topical issues of the negative influence of global information space on a person; this influence is especially harmful for the younger generation. The paper considers the main threats, which the modern information technologies constitute for the vulnerable psychics of children.

The authors analyzed the state of the current legislation of the Russian Federation on the issue of providing personal information security. In conclusion, the authors give the suggestions aimed at the improvement of legal support of the information security of a person.






Legal Sciences