• Andrey Igorevich Ivenskiy
  • Kirill Igorevich Kapitanov
  • Kristina Aleksandrovna Zaburdaeva
  • Leonid Vladimirovich Makarov
Keywords: criminal procedure; investigative activities; investigative jurisdiction


The juridical-technical drawbacks of regulation of the initial stage of preliminary investigation, in particular, the institution of the urgent investigative actions, determine the contradictions in the regulatory enforcement arising at the initial stage of conducting a preliminary criminal investigation by the investigation authorities and officers in the cases not placed under their jurisdiction.

the algorithm of actions requiring the substantial time consumption related to the physical sending of the materials in accordance with the jurisdiction, especially in the cases of the use of the postal service means, may cause the loss of facts of evidence, the difficulties in the identification of persons indicted on criminal charges, their location, as well as the other problems hindering the further investigation and sometimes even suspending its successful completion.

the urgent investigative actions institution is regulated by the range of criminal procedure legislation norms, randomly spread throughout the different chapters, articles and even parts of the russian federation code of criminal procedure, and there are some problems in the regulation of the procedure of the urgent investigative actions when examining a report of a crime.

a number of issues of proper regulatory control of the institution of the urgent investigative actions particularly related to the fact that the legislative body, formulating the applicable regulations, generally highlights that they are conducted by the investigation authorities and, in this connection, the opinion emerges about the failure to conduct the urgent investigative actions in the situation when a crime out of its jurisdiction is identified by an investigation officer. it may be related as well to the fact that when forming the concept of “urgent investigative actions”, the legislative body does not consider such procedural actions in which procedure at the initial stage of an investigation, the urgent need arises, for example, to detain a suspect.

In this connection, the authors prove the suggestions to introduce the amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia aimed at the elimination of the existing contradictions and ambiguities in the regulation of the urgent investigative actions institution.